Step by Step how to apply SMEs Go Digital - Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

  1. Go to Business Grants Portal
  2. Click on the "Log In" button on top right section

  3. You will be redirect to CorpPass website. Key in your CorpPass credentials and click on "Login". You will be redirect back to Business Grant Portal once you logged in.

  4. After you logged in, you will be redirect back to Business Grants Portal. Click on "Get new grant"

  5. Select which industry best describes your business. After that click on "Next" button.

  6. Select 2nd option "Upgrade key business areas, such as adopt technology, improve business processes or raise service standards". After that click on "Next" button.

  7. Select which best describes the area you will develop with this grant. Select 1st option "Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions". After that click on "Apply" button.

  8. Read through the grant actions and click on "Proceed" at the bottom.

  9. Check your eligibility and select the correct answer.  After that click on "Next" button.

  10. Enter main contact person details, contact & address.  After that click on "Next" button.

  11. Provide required information about our proposal. To easy search our pre-approved package, you can search for "Business Solutions" and select which package you would like to purchase. After that click on "Next" button.

  12. Please provide the details of the costs. Our packages are simple, just minus $500 from the package price for training portion, the rest will be the purchase price.  After that click on "Next" button.

  13. Please briefly explain how our business solutions will bring impact to your business. After that click on "Next" button.

  14. Declare & Acknowledge the terms listed out for this grant. After that click on "Review" button.

  15. If everything is completed, click on "Review & Submit" to complete the grant submission.